Fourth Estate Society

The Illinois Press Foundation launched the Fourth Estate Society as a funding mechanism to support journalism education.

Most of the giving programs that the IPF has are geared toward newspapers, larger companies and grant programs. The Fourth Estate Society establishes a way to participate at a personal level.

There are five levels of annual memberships starting with $50 per year up to a $1,000 plus a $2,500 "lifetime membership" option.

Members receive a certificate of membership, public recognition, IPF reports and invitations to special events sponsored by the foundation and during dinners/receptions at Illinois Press Association conventions.

The revenue generated by the Society funds protection efforts for the First Amendment, literacy efforts and journalism scholarships for students and working journalists.

To join, donate using the button below, or send a check to Illinois Press Foundation, 2501 Chatham Rd, Suite 200, Springfield, IL 62704.